The Path to Happiness


You are in the right place if you dream of

using all your gifts and talents to reinvent

your life but do not know where to start.


What if you could…

circle_check2_red Wake up excited to throw off the covers and start your day.

circle_check2_red Have a profound purpose that propels your life forward.

circle_check2_red Banish the voices that used to tell you “You can’t do it!”

circle_check2_red Disregard what others think about you and enjoy your new life.

circle_check2_red Say “no” to other’s demands without feeling guilty.

circle_check2_red Realize you are stronger than you believed.

circle_check2_red Realize that you can create from nothing and lead a life on purpose.

circle_check2_red Emanate confidence, presence and energy.


Right now you might be struggling with giving

your power away to others.


This could manifest as…

x_mark_red_circle Lack of self confidence to pursue your ideas,

x_mark_red_circle Doubts about your abilities

x_mark_red_circle Comparing yourself to more accomplished others

x_mark_red_circle Fear of judgment by others if you dared be different and stepped into the limelight

x_mark_red_circle Believing that happiness lies somewhere else, sometime in the future

x_mark_red_circle Feeling too old to make a difference

x_mark_red_circle Disappointment that plans and dreams keep going sideways

x_mark_red_circle Not knowing how to get what your heart desires

x_mark_red_circle Sensing that your health is not what it used to be

x_mark_red_circle Being held back by limiting funds


You are not alone, I want to tell you that I have experienced all these struggles in my life and I know they can be overcome.


“My Entire Life Has Prepared Me to
Help You Right Now”


I am just an ordinary woman who has been searching to make sense of her pain all throughout her life. 

My relationship problems following my parents divorce and 4 successive failed relationships have brought me to study relationships and to become a Relationship counselor.

There I found the freedom to be myself and to follow a deeper thread of guidance that lead me to follow my husband and live in the Middle East.

I had a chance to work with expatriates and local people from all over the world and realized our issues are common problems experienced by human beings the world over. 

Again following the thread of guidance in my life searching to further understand my deeper issues led me to study the shamanic path, energy healing and transpersonal psychology.

I am now working as a transformational coach helping women and men reframe their life’s experiences and shift out of limiting structures and step fully in their potential and live a meaningful life contributing to a global shift in consciousness the world over.


“This is My Free Gift For You”


I am inviting you here to apply for a complimentary consultation with me. 

In such a consultation a breakthrough in awareness about what might be holding you back could put you on the right track to sort your life out. 

Sometimes all it takes is to shift our perspective about an issue we are blind to. Having a trained guide who has walked this path before will support this type of emergence. 

I have a limited number of available sessions and I am inviting you to apply for one of them by  filling out the application form below and clicking submit.



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